NamPower (Pty) Ltd

The national power utility has its core business regulated under the Electricity Act. The utility is registered as a company and operates according to the laws of Namibia inclusive of the Companies and the Public Enterprises Governance Acts, under the guidance and direction of a Board of Directors. NamPower’s core business is electricity generation, transmission and energy trading, with the trading being done within the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP). NamPower supplies bulk electricity to Regional Electricity Distributors (REDs), Mines, Namwater and Local Authorities (where REDs are not operational) throughout Namibia.

LOCATION: 15km from the town of Tsumeb

The project entails the development of a 40MW Biomass Power Station utilising Namibian encroacher bush as the fuel source. Bush encroachment in Namibia affects 26 million hectares of potential agricultural land for livestock and food production.

The power station will assist NamPower to strengthen its domestic local generation mix and further stabilise the national power grid with a fully dispatchable energy source which could provide baseload energy. The project also brings a number of macro and micro-economic benefi ts which include, improved livestockcarrying capacities through increased rangelands and agricultural productivity, increased groundwater within the harvested areas, displaced carbon dioxide emissions to the benefi t of the region, contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Namibia and direct and indirect job creation throughout the fuel supply chain and the operation of the power station.

Total Project Estimate: N$1.9 billion (US$135 million

Project Completion date for the power station is planned for January 2023.

Dr. Grant Muller
Head, Generation Projects
Tel: +264 61 205 2393
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Joe Mukena
Senior Manager : Strategic Finance
Tel : +264 61 2052752
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