Quality of life

Namibia is one of the most sought-after expat destinations on the African continent due to its high quality of life. A walk through many of the supermarkets and malls proves its reputation for high quality goods and services. Health is catered for in excellent medical facilities. The crime rate is low. The environment is unpolluted, and the air is clean.


Namibia caters for an active, outdoor lifestyle. Over weekends many people choose to travel to major tourist destinations for wildlife and scenery. Namibians are welcoming, have very few preconceptions and enjoy making new friends. Excellent restaurants, clubs, bars and other venues for socializing complement a small but lively cultural scene.


One of the greatest attractions for expats is the fact that Namibia is a happy environment for families. Children can safely explore and play. There are excellent educational facilities, and ample opportunities for outdoor activity and sport. Children will be comforted by the widespread availability of highspeed bandwidth that includes 4G, wireless and ADSL.