PROMOTER: Meatco Namibia

LOCATION: Meatco Abattoirs - Windhoek and Okahandja , Khomas region
                    Rundu Abattoir – Rundu, Kavango East Region
                    Okapuka Feedlot near Windhoek, Khomas Region
                    Annasruhe Feedlot near Gobabis, Omaheke Region

SECTOR: Agriculture

Meatco has compiled a master plan on how to reduce its environmental footprint. During the scoping phase of the master plan, opportunities were identified and covered in the scoping report. The report records all possible opportunities identified and accumulated supporting data and information.

The report further reflects on benchmarking with similar processes, including the outcome of a desktop survey of international best practices and the investigation of possible coordination with other Namibian-based industries on similar aspects. As a result of the scoping report the following project was identified under Renewable Energy:

a) Implementation of Solar PV

The implementation of Solar PV is a self-embedded generation option to replace energy purchases from the grid. This will reduce maximum demand payments as an opportunity which presents a number of implementation options. The options considered for the purpose of the Master Plan are:

  • Rooftop implementation at Windhoek facilities to offset high energy demand on the City of Windhoek connection;
  • Rooftop implementation at Okahandja facilities to offset high energy demand on the Okahandja connection;
  • Rooftop implementation at Rundu facilities to offset high energy demand on the Rundu connection;
  • Ground-mounted installation at Gobabis Feedlot; and
  • Central embedded option at Okapuka, and supply and/or wheeling of that energy to the different Meatco facilities through the distribution and transmission networks of the various distributors.

IMPACT: The project will be able to secure current foreign income streams for Namibia: Meatco trades in the international market and needs to be competitive in the global market. Meatco yearly generates a turnover of N$1,4 to N$1,8 billion and 90% of the income is forex currency income to Namibia. The project will also help to safeguard international markets.

It is a requirement of our international clients that we need to control and minimize our carbon footprint to make sure that these markets are available for Namibian producers. The potential loss of this international market is estimated to N$1 billion to N$1,2 billion per annum.

The project will enhance Namibia’s international competitive status and sustainability: With the huge energy bill that the company pays of N$45 million every year, it has lost its international competitive edge which has had an impact on the prices that the foreign market could actually afford to pay to the Namibian producers. This contributed to more animals being exported to South Africa. With an increase in the purchase price, the company can keep the animals in Namibia and generate jobs and do value addition locally. If Okahandja Abattoir is open for slaughtering, it can create 450 additional jobs.

Implementation of Solar PV: N$23million (US$1,6 million).

The next two years


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