Welcome to the website of the Embassy of the Republic of Namibia to the Kingdom of Sweden with concurrent accreditation to the Kingdom of Norway, the Kingdom of Denmark and the Republic of Iceland. This website provides valuable information on Namibia’s investment opportunities in tourism, agriculture, mining, fisheries, energy, infrastructure and in many other areas of opportunities.

Namibia is the most reliable and safe place to invest in due to the following reasons:

Firstly, Namibia is a multiparty democracy in practice and has enjoyed a high degree of peace, security and stability since its independence from South Africa in 1990. This safe political environment is preserved by adherence to its robust and democratic constitution.

Secondly, Namibia has a stable economy, that has successfully weathered international financial crisis, and which continues to grow and meet its challenges.

Thirdly, Namibia over and above offers opportunities in infrastructure through public private partnerships (PPPs) or Foreign Direct investment (FDI). By virtue of its location, Namibia offers access for manufactures and/or exporters to 15 SADC countries with a population of ±280 million.

The Embassy would also want to establish partnerships between institutions of Education in order to promote training, skills and cultural exchanges. Therefore, I invite all potential tourists and investors wishing to visit Namibia to familiarize themselves with the information contained on the Embassy’s website.

Welcome to Namibia, the Land of beauty and of contrast. Come one, come all to a warm hospitality of the people of Namibia.













Picture from the Nordic Africa Institute 

George M. Liswaniso