C’est Si Bon Hotel & Conference Centre

Namibian tourism is expected to expand to 1,6 million arrivals. This creates need for additional accommodation on Namibia’s main tourism routes, to alleviate accommodation shortages in the peak tourism season. Otjiwarongo, in central Namibia offers demand for accommodation through onward travel to Etosha National Park, as well as attractions in the vicinity, which include the Waterberg Plateau Park, large predators and endangered species. Otjiwarongo also offers demand for business tourism. The town is at the hub of a growing network of industries, and is in convenient travelling distance for convention guests from Windhoek and smaller central towns.

Project Overview

C’est Si Bon Hotel was founded in 2000. The 21-room hotel and conference centre was expanded and currently consists of two hotels, C’est Si Bon Hotel and Casa Forno Hotel, with a combined 79 rooms. Both hotels are located in Otjiwarongo. The C’est Si Bon Hotel Group also operates a gourmet restaurant. The hotelhas seven conference venues, and has demand for one larger venue, in addition to demand for accommodation. The owner will expand the hotel to include a new 3-star hotel with 150 rooms and a larger conference centre with seating for 150 people.

Project Timeline Summary

See details of phases under Investment Opportunity. Project timeline summary available from contacts.

Investment Opportunity

USD7.6 million or NAD103 million

(NAD : USD= 13.5)

Funding split:

Deal structure to be discussed with promoter.

  • Phase1: NAD46 076 560.00 (starting January 2017)

  • Phase2: NAD39 508 960.00 (starting January 2019)

  • Phase3: NAD17 120 000.00 (starting January 2021)



Mr. Hendri Greef

Managing Director

C’est Si Bon Hotel & Conference Centre

Mobile: +264 81 127 6644

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Shipwreck lodge

Certain areas of Namibia are highly protected due to the sensitivity of the environment, however there is demand for tourism in these areas due to scenic, natural and historic attractions. In order to allow tourism to these areas, the Government provides concessions to environmentally sound operators. These concessions may consist of access rights and / or permission to establish accommodation facilities that do not damage the environment. The Skeleton Coast is one of the most sought after Namibian destinations. Following the closure of a previous lodge, the only access to the area was a route through the southern area of the park. To improve access and allow for longer trips, a concession has been allowed to permit visitors to stay overnight in the Skeleton Coast National Park.

Project Overview

Shipwreck Lodge (Pty) Ltd has been established by Trip Travel after it was awarded a concession in the Skeleton Coast National Park, including the rights to develop a lodge and campsite inside the concession area. The shareholders have already invested NAD1 million to secure the 20-year concession, carried out an EIA, developed the plan and completed the architectural designs. The shareholders plan to invest a further NAD7 million. Peak funding for the project is estimated at NAD48.7 million and the current shareholders will contribute NAD8 million.

Project Timeline Summary

Project timeline summary available from contacts.

Investment Opportunity

USD3.85 million or NAD52 million

(NAD : USD= 13.5)


Funding split:



Investment requirement

NAD52.0 million


Own equity (current)

NAD7.0 million


Own equity (still to be provided)

NAD9.5 million


New investors injection (for 49%)

NAD15.9 million


Loan finance (already secured)

NAD19.6 million


Mr. Herbert Burmeister

Chief Operating Officer

Trip Travel

Tel: +264 61 285 5700

Mobile: +264 81 454 8903

Mobile: +264 81 124 3045

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


BMZL Hotel, Conferencing and Spa

According to tourist statistics report by the Namibia Tourism Board (NTB), more than 1,5 million foreign arrivals were recorded for 2015 compared to 1,4 in 2014. These figures give BMZL confidence that Namibia is making good progress to grow and develop the tourism industry. Okakarara, the locale for the project is rich in culture and history. BMZ Leisure (BMZL) is a start-up limited liability corporation wholly owned and managed by Mr. Benson M. Zaaruka. The company will offer 3-star hotel accommodation and conference facilities to local and international clients.

Project Overview

BMZL is planning to establish a hotel/lodge in Okakarara, on a 23,000m² or 2.3 ha piece of land. The hotel willhave 60 chalets with twin beds (that can be converted into a double bed), reception area, a kitchen, conferencefacility, swimming pool, bar and restaurant, SPA, etc. The facility will also have three lettable shops. The Hotel will be the 1st solar powered green hotel, with backup generators and, as final option, it could tap into the grid. Due to the nature of our business BMZL will have numerous revenue centres with varying gross margins, e.g. accommodation, restaurant, bar, rental of office space, spa, transfer shuttles, etc. The turnover for the company, at maximum 50% bed occupancy rate, is projected to grow from NAD10,066,521 in the first year of operation to NAD11,124,767 by the end of the second year.

Project Timeline Summary

All architectural, engineering designs are complete. The site establishment process is completed.

• Construction period for Phase 1 is 12 months.
• Phase 1 – NAD35 Million to open by Feb 2019 for business. (20 chalets, half kitchen, bar, etc.)
• Phase 2 – Will commence after 5-10 years
• Phase 3 – Will follow Phase 2 after 5 years.

A further project timeline summary is available from the contacts.

Investment Opportunity

Total Project Cost: USD8.1 million or NAD109 million.

(NAD: USD= 13.5)

Funding split


USD million

NAD million

30% equity with a buy-out

clause after approx. 10 years.



The investor will receive 70% of the profits till the investment amount is paid back with the agreed interest for a period of approximately 10 Years. The owner will retain the 30% of profits and will increase till the buyout clause is realised.


Mr. Benson M. Zaaruka


BMZ Leisure

Tel: +264 813 40 1579

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.